Retail Demand Forecasting Cloud Service

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Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting Cloud Service (RDFCS) provides accurate forecasts that enable retailers to coordinate demand-driven outcomes that deliver connected customer interactions. With a single view of demand, RDFCS provides pervasive value across retail processes, including driving optimal strategies in planning, increasing inventory productivity in supply chains, decreasing operational costs, and driving customer satisfaction from engagement to sale to fulfillment. RDFCS is a comprehensive solution that maximizes the forecast accuracy for the entire product lifecycle, the ability to adapt to recent trends, seasonality, out-of-stocks, and promotions, and reflects the unique demand drivers of each retailer. Today's progressive retail organizations know that store-level demand drives the supply chain. The ability to forecast consumer demand productively and accurately is vital to a retailer's success. The business requirements for consumer responsiveness mandate a forecasting system that more accurately forecasts at the point of sale, handles difficult demand patterns, forecasts promotions, and other causal events, processes large numbers of forecasts, and minimizes the cost of human and computer resources. Forecasting drives the business tasks of planning, replenishment, purchasing, and allocation. As forecasts become more accurate, businesses run more efficiently by buying the right inventory at the right time. This ultimately lowers inventory levels, improves safety stock requirements, improves customer service, and increases the company's profitability.

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