Part I General Java Troubleshooting

Java troubleshooting techniques for various diagnostic and monitoring tools, diagnosing memory leaks, and identifying performance issues.

This part describes general Java troubleshooting techniques and contains the following topics.

  • Prepare Java for Troubleshooting

    Provides guidelines for setting up both Java and a Java application for better troubleshooting techniques. These proactive Java setups help debug and narrow down issues with Java and a Java application.

  • Diagnostic Tools

    Describes various diagnostic and monitoring tools used with Java Development Kit (JDK). Further describes the troubleshooting tools available and explains custom tools development using application programming interfaces (APIs).

  • Troubleshoot Memory Leaks

    Provides suggestions for diagnosing problems involving possible memory leaks.

  • Troubleshoot Performance Issues Using Flight Recorder

    Identifies performance issues with a Java application and debugs issues using the Java Flight Recorder.