Class JMXConnectionNotification

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public class JMXConnectionNotification extends Notification

Notification emitted when a client connection is opened or closed or when notifications are lost. These notifications are sent by connector servers (instances of JMXConnectorServer) and by connector clients (instances of JMXConnector). For certain connectors, a session can consist of a sequence of connections. Connection-opened and connection-closed notifications will be sent for each one.

The notification type is one of the following:

JMXConnectionNotification Types
Type Meaning
jmx.remote.connection.opened A new client connection has been opened.
jmx.remote.connection.closed A client connection has been closed.
jmx.remote.connection.failed A client connection has failed unexpectedly.
jmx.remote.connection.notifs.lost A client connection has potentially lost notifications. This notification only appears on the client side.

The timeStamp of the notification is a time value (consistent with System.currentTimeMillis()) indicating when the notification was constructed.

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  • Field Details

    • OPENED

      public static final String OPENED

      Notification type string for a connection-opened notification.

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    • CLOSED

      public static final String CLOSED

      Notification type string for a connection-closed notification.

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    • FAILED

      public static final String FAILED

      Notification type string for a connection-failed notification.

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      public static final String NOTIFS_LOST

      Notification type string for a connection that has possibly lost notifications.

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  • Constructor Details

    • JMXConnectionNotification

      public JMXConnectionNotification(String type, Object source, String connectionId, long sequenceNumber, String message, Object userData)
      Constructs a new connection notification. The source of the notification depends on whether it is being sent by a connector server or a connector client:
      • For a connector server, if it is registered in an MBean server, the source is the ObjectName under which it is registered. Otherwise, it is a reference to the connector server object itself, an instance of a subclass of JMXConnectorServer.
      • For a connector client, the source is a reference to the connector client object, an instance of a class implementing JMXConnector.
      type - the type of the notification. This is usually one of the constants OPENED, CLOSED, FAILED, NOTIFS_LOST. It is not an error for it to be a different string.
      source - the connector server or client emitting the notification.
      connectionId - the ID of the connection within its connector server.
      sequenceNumber - a non-negative integer. It is expected but not required that this number will be greater than any previous sequenceNumber in a notification from this source.
      message - an unspecified text message, typically containing a human-readable description of the event. Can be null.
      userData - an object whose type and meaning is defined by the connector server. Can be null.
      NullPointerException - if type, source, or connectionId is null.
      IllegalArgumentException - if sequenceNumber is negative.
  • Method Details

    • getConnectionId

      public String getConnectionId()

      The connection ID to which this notification pertains.

      the connection ID.