Module jdk.dynalink
Package jdk.dynalink

Interface Operation

All Known Implementing Classes:
NamedOperation, NamespaceOperation, StandardOperation

public interface Operation
An object that describes a dynamic operation. Dynalink defines a set of standard operations with the StandardOperation class, as well as a way to express the target namespace(s) of an operation on an object using NamespaceOperation and finally a way to attach a fixed target name to an operation using NamedOperation. When presenting examples in this documentation, we will refer to standard operations using their name (e.g. GET), to namespace operations by separating their base operation with a colon from their namespace (e.g. GET:PROPERTY), or in case of multiple namespaces we will further separate those with the vertical line character (e.g. GET:PROPERTY|ELEMENT), and finally we will refer to named operations by separating the base operation and the name with the colon character (e.g. GET:PROPERTY|ELEMENT:color).