Module jdk.jdi
Package com.sun.jdi

Interface LocalVariable

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<LocalVariable>, Mirror

public interface LocalVariable extends Mirror, Comparable<LocalVariable>
A local variable in the target VM. Each variable declared within a Method has its own LocalVariable object. Variables of the same name declared in different scopes have different LocalVariable objects. LocalVariables can be used alone to retrieve static information about their declaration, or can be used in conjunction with a StackFrame to set and get values.
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  • Method Details

    • name

      String name()
      Gets the name of the local variable.
      a string containing the name.
    • typeName

      String typeName()
      Returns a text representation of the type of this variable. Where the type is the type specified in the declaration of this local variable.

      This type name is always available even if the type has not yet been created or loaded.

      a String representing the type of this local variable.
    • type

      Returns the type of this variable. Where the type is the type specified in the declaration of this local variable.

      Note: if the type of this variable is a reference type (class, interface, or array) and it has not been created or loaded by the class loader of the enclosing class, then ClassNotLoadedException will be thrown. Also, a reference type may have been loaded but not yet prepared, in which case the type will be returned but attempts to perform some operations on the returned type (e.g. fields()) will throw a ClassNotPreparedException. Use ReferenceType.isPrepared() to determine if a reference type is prepared.

      the Type of this local variable.
      ClassNotLoadedException - if the type has not yet been loaded through the appropriate class loader.
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    • signature

      String signature()
      Gets the type signature of the local variable.
      a string containing the signature.
    • genericSignature

      String genericSignature()
      Gets the generic signature for this variable if there is one. Generic signatures are described in the The Java Virtual Machine Specification.
      a string containing the generic signature, or null if there is no generic signature.
    • isVisible

      boolean isVisible(StackFrame frame)
      Determines whether this variable can be accessed from the given StackFrame. See StackFrame.visibleVariables() for a complete description variable visibility in this interface.
      frame - the StackFrame querying visibility
      true if this variable is visible; false otherwise.
      IllegalArgumentException - if the stack frame's method does not match this variable's method.
    • isArgument

      boolean isArgument()
      Determines if this variable is an argument to its method.
      true if this variable is an argument; false otherwise.
    • equals

      boolean equals(Object obj)
      Compares the specified Object with this LocalVariable for equality.
      equals in class Object
      obj - the reference object with which to compare.
      true if the Object is a LocalVariable, if both LocalVariables are contained in the same method (as determined by Method.equals(java.lang.Object)), and if both LocalVariables mirror the same declaration within that method
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    • hashCode

      int hashCode()
      Returns the hash code value for this LocalVariable.
      hashCode in class Object
      the integer hash code
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