Module jdk.jdi
Package com.sun.jdi

Interface Mirror

All Known Subinterfaces:
AccessWatchpointEvent, AccessWatchpointRequest, ArrayReference, ArrayType, BooleanType, BooleanValue, BreakpointEvent, BreakpointRequest, ByteType, ByteValue, CharType, CharValue, ClassLoaderReference, ClassObjectReference, ClassPrepareEvent, ClassPrepareRequest, ClassType, ClassUnloadEvent, ClassUnloadRequest, DoubleType, DoubleValue, Event, EventQueue, EventRequest, EventRequestManager, EventSet, ExceptionEvent, ExceptionRequest, Field, FloatType, FloatValue, IntegerType, IntegerValue, InterfaceType, LocalVariable, LocatableEvent, Location, LongType, LongValue, Method, MethodEntryEvent, MethodEntryRequest, MethodExitEvent, MethodExitRequest, ModificationWatchpointEvent, ModificationWatchpointRequest, ModuleReference, MonitorContendedEnteredEvent, MonitorContendedEnteredRequest, MonitorContendedEnterEvent, MonitorContendedEnterRequest, MonitorInfo, MonitorWaitedEvent, MonitorWaitedRequest, MonitorWaitEvent, MonitorWaitRequest, ObjectReference, PathSearchingVirtualMachine, PrimitiveType, PrimitiveValue, ReferenceType, ShortType, ShortValue, StackFrame, StepEvent, StepRequest, StringReference, ThreadDeathEvent, ThreadDeathRequest, ThreadGroupReference, ThreadReference, ThreadStartEvent, ThreadStartRequest, Type, TypeComponent, Value, VirtualMachine, VMDeathEvent, VMDeathRequest, VMDisconnectEvent, VMStartEvent, VoidType, VoidValue, WatchpointEvent, WatchpointRequest

public interface Mirror
A proxy used by a debugger to examine or manipulate some entity in another virtual machine. Mirror is the root of the interface hierarchy for this package. Mirrors can be proxies for objects in the target VM (ObjectReference), primitive values (for example, IntegerValue), types (for example, ReferenceType), dynamic application state (for example, StackFrame), and even debugger-specific constructs (for example, BreakpointRequest). The VirtualMachine itself is also considered a mirror, representing the composite state of the target VM.

There is no guarantee that a particular entity in the target VM will map to a single instance of Mirror. Implementors are free to decide whether a single mirror will be used for some or all mirrors. Clients of this interface should always use equals to compare two mirrors for equality.

Any method on a Mirror that takes a Mirror as an parameter directly or indirectly (e.g., as a element in a List) will throw VMMismatchException if the mirrors are from different virtual machines.

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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Returns a String describing this mirror
    Gets the VirtualMachine to which this Mirror belongs.
  • Method Details

    • virtualMachine

      VirtualMachine virtualMachine()
      Gets the VirtualMachine to which this Mirror belongs. A Mirror must be associated with a VirtualMachine to have any meaning.
      the VirtualMachine for which this mirror is a proxy.
    • toString

      String toString()
      Returns a String describing this mirror
      toString in class Object
      a string describing this mirror.