Module java.base
Package java.util

Class SplittableRandom

All Implemented Interfaces:
RandomGenerator, RandomGenerator.SplittableGenerator, RandomGenerator.StreamableGenerator

public final class SplittableRandom extends Object implements RandomGenerator, RandomGenerator.SplittableGenerator
A generator of uniform pseudorandom values (with period 264) applicable for use in (among other contexts) isolated parallel computations that may generate subtasks. Class SplittableRandom supports methods for producing pseudorandom numbers of type int, long, and double with similar usages as for class Random but differs in the following ways:
  • Series of generated values pass the DieHarder suite testing independence and uniformity properties of random number generators. (Most recently validated with version 3.31.1.) These tests validate only the methods for certain types and ranges, but similar properties are expected to hold, at least approximately, for others as well. The period (length of any series of generated values before it repeats) is 264.
  • Method split() constructs and returns a new SplittableRandom instance that shares no mutable state with the current instance. However, with very high probability, the values collectively generated by the two objects have the same statistical properties as if the same quantity of values were generated by a single thread using a single SplittableRandom object.
  • Instances of SplittableRandom are not thread-safe. They are designed to be split, not shared, across threads. For example, a fork/join-style computation using random numbers might include a construction of the form new Subtask(aSplittableRandom.split()).fork().
  • This class provides additional methods for generating random streams, that employ the above techniques when used in stream.parallel() mode.

Instances of SplittableRandom are not cryptographically secure. Consider instead using SecureRandom in security-sensitive applications. Additionally, default-constructed instances do not use a cryptographically random seed unless the system property java.util.secureRandomSeed is set to true.