Assign Access Permissions

You can give others access to items in the catalog and to dashboard sections. This helps you to control the content that users can view or edit.

Add or Update Item Permissions

You give catalog item access permissions to application roles.

The permissions that you can assign to others vary depending on the type of content. To change permissions, the application role that you are assigned to must have the Change Permission privilege.
  1. On the Home page, click Catalog.
  2. In the Catalog page, search for the content to which you want to assign permissions.
  3. In the search results for the item, click More and Permissions.
  4. In the Permissions dialog, click Add users/roles to access the Add Application Roles and Users dialog to add any required accounts.
    The roles and users inherit permissions from the roles of which they are members. For example, you can grant Full Control permission to the BIServiceAdministrator application role on the Sales Revenue analysis. This enables any user or application role with that role to have Full Control on the item. You can see the permissions that users and roles have on items (either granted directly or inherited). Click the Click to see effective permissions button in the Add Application Roles and Users dialog to display or hide a Permissions column to see the effective permissions for each row in the Selected Members table.
  5. In the Permissions dialog, click the Permissions list. Most of the items in the list are parent permissions and contain several child permissions.
  6. Optional: To build a specific list of permissions, click Custom. This option gives the user authority to bypass any permissions set on the folder that prevent the user from accessing the item from the Catalog or a dashboard. This option doesn’t change the folder permissions.
    For example, you can grant users the Traverse permission for the Test folder in the shared folder area. Then, they can access items embedded in dashboards stored in this folder. Also, they can access embedded items in dashboards stored in sub-folders, such as /<shared folder area>/Test/Guest folder. However, users can’t access (meaning view, expand, or browse) the folder and sub-folders from the Catalog.
  7. Click OK twice.

Add or Update Dashboard Section Permissions

You can give others access to dashboard sections, thereby controlling which users have access to those sections. To grant access, you assign permissions to users of the dashboard.

For example, you assign permissions for the Project Costs section of the dashboard to the BI administrator. You can restrict access to BI consumers to prevent unwanted changes.
  1. Open a dashboard for editing.
  2. Select Properties in the section toolbar.
  3. Select Permissions.
  4. In the Permissions dialog, click the Permissions list to select permissions.
  5. Click OK.