Typical Workflow to Manage Content

Here are some common tasks that you perform to access and organize content in the catalog.

Task Description For More Information

Find and explore your content

Exploring your content, including searching for items that you need to edit.

Find Your Content

Rename content

Improve or update the naming of your content.

Rename Content

View or set content properties

Display information about your content or change various content options and properties.

Access Properties

Give access to others

Assign permissions so that others can access your content

Assign Access Permissions

Email reports and track deliveries

Email reports to anyone inside or outside the organization. Keep everyone up to date with daily or weekly reports.

Send Email Reports and Track Deliveries

Automate business processes

Create agents that deliver analyses, dashboards, and briefing books to targeted audiences on-demand or on a regular schedule.

Automate Business Processes with Agents

Configure devices and delivery profiles

Configure the devices and delivery profiles to be used to reach you when an alert is generated by an agent.

Configure Your Devices and Delivery Profile

Change content ownership

Assign another user as the content owner.

Assign Ownership of Items

Analyze using Smart View

Analyze reporting content in Smart View.

Access Your Reporting Content in Smart View

Perform advanced catalog management Generate advanced reports about your catalog, review the underlying XML for individual items, and more.

Perform Advanced Catalog Management