3 Patching and Upgrade

This chapter describes issues related to the Infrastructure upgrade.

The following topics are covered in this chapter:

Issues Related to Product Upgrade

This section contains the following topics:

SOA Upgrade from 12.2.1.x to Fails with Reconfiguration-related Healthcare-UI

If the SOA Suite domain reconfiguration fails due to Healthcare-UI validation, then delete the HealthCare-UI from the WebLogic Server deployment page.

Before deleting the HealthCare-UI, make sure that HealthCare-UI is not in active state. If HealthCare-UI is not in active state and the reconfiguration continues to fail at Healthcare-UI validation, then contact oracle support.

Error Detecting MDS Schema in IPM-only Domain

If the application extension framework (AXF) is configured along with Oracle Imaging and Process Management (Oracle I/PM), then the MDS datasource gets created in the domain. If AXF is not configured, then the MDS datasource will not be created in 11g domain.

Therefore, when domain assisted schema upgrade is used in UA, MDS schema will not be detected. You can continue the upgrade without the MDS datasource.

Upgrade Assistant Fails to Load All Schemas Used by a Domain for Audit Schema Users

When upgrading from 11g ( or to 12.2.1, the Upgrade Assistant fails to load schemas associated with the domain when All schemas used by a Domain is selected.

The following exception is logged:

UPGAST- 00214 - Unable to connect to database as schema user <prefix>_IAU.
 Listener refused the connection with the following error :
 ORA-12504, TNS : Listener was not given the SID in CONNECT_DATA
 Cause : The database connection failed for the specified reason.
 Action : Correct the problem using information provided in the log file; then
 retry the operation. In particular if the indicated reason is "Login has
 timed out" verify that the host and port are correct and make sure the
 database is up and is configured for network access.

To work around this issue:

Restart the Upgrade Assistant, enter the 11g domain location, select Individually Selected Schemas, and select the correct _IAU. _SOAINFRA, and _OPSS schemas.

Selecting the SOA and OPSS schemas will ensure that Audit Services, User Messaging Service and MDS schemas are selected automatically.

BPM Composites Not Compiled After Upgrade

When upgrading from to 12.2.1, Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) composites are not compiled post upgrade.

To compile the BPM composites after the upgrade, restart the Oracle SOA Server.

The following example shows the error that is received:

[soa_server1] [ERROR] []
Exception while loading process
Failed to compile bpel generated classes.
failure to compile the generated BPEL classes for BPEL process
The class path setting is incorrect.
Ensure that the class path is set correctly. If this happens on the server
side, verify that the custom classes or jars which this BPEL process is
depending on are deployed correctly. Also verify that the run time is using
the same release/version.

Upgrade Assistant Cannot Read a Domain with Multi-Data Sources Defined

If you receive the following error from the Upgrade Assistant, then you must edit the ua.bat script:
 ConnectionHelper: CIE config framework not located/initialized.
Specifically, to workaround this error you must edit the oracle_common/upgrade/bin/ua [ua.bat] script and change the following jar file names:
cieCfg_wls_external_lib.jar must be changed to cieCfg_wls_lib.jar
cieCfg_cam_external_lib.jar must be changed to cieCfg_cam_lib.jar

Standard Workspace Dashboards Missing Participant Information After Upgrade

After an upgrade to 12c, the Performance Per Participant graph that is displayed on standard Workspace dashboards will only be available for new 12c instances and will not be available for in-flight, hybrid, or completed (closed) 11g instances. However, custom 12c Workspace dashboards will continue to display the participant information.

SAXParseException May Occur During Reconfiguration

The following exception appears in the reconfig.log file after invoking the Reconfiguration Wizard with -log_priority=ALL:

[org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 3; columnNumber: 77; cvc-elt.1:
Cannot find the declaration of element 'stringSubsInfo'.]

You can ignore this exception.

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Does Not Support Non-Oracle Databases and Third-Party Application Servers

Instances that were created using a non-Oracle database cannot be migrated to Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c.

To migrate the closed instances from Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g to Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c, you must create a new 12c SOA domain using a supported Oracle database. Active 11g instances must be completed using the existing 11g server.

MissingResourceException May Occur During Reconfiguration

The following exception appears in the reconfig.log file after invoking the Reconfiguration Wizard with -log_priority=ALL:

java.util.MissingResourceException: No bundle found for base name

You can ignore this exception.

Analytics Data for 11g ( Composites Created Without Roles Are Not Migrated to 12c

Analytics data for 11g ( composites without any roles defined in them will not be migrated to 12c.

Business Process Composer Appears to Freeze After Migration

When you log into Oracle Business Process Composer after upgrading your environment from Release 11g ( to Release 12c, process migration is launched. After migration finishes, a default space is created and projects are migrated. However, the composer appears to freeze.

As a workaround, log out of the composer, close the browser, and clear the browser cache. You can then log in again to continue working in the composer.

EDN-JMS Backlogged Events Do Not Migrate During Upgrade

Backlogged events in the EDN-JMS queue do not migrate when you upgrade from Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g to Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c.

Before you upgrade, check if there are any backlogged events in the JMS queue. After you finish upgrading, verify that these backlogged events are not in the queue.

You can verify if there are any backlogged events in the JMS queue via the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console:

  1. From the Domain Structure, select soainfra, then Services, Messaging, JMS Modules, SOAJMSModule, and EDNQueue.
  2. Select Monitoring tab.
  3. Select SOAJMSModule and EDNQueue, and then click Show Messages.

Issues Related to Product Patching

This section contains the following topic:

OPatch Does Not Restore Regenerated Libraries Even After User Quits the Patching Process

If the OPatch postscript fails and users choose not to proceed with the patching process and quit, OPatch does not restore regenerated libraries correctly.

Check the OPatch log to determine whether or not library regeneration has occurred. If the library regeneration has occurred, apply the patch again. If the OPatch postscript fails again, choose y to proceed with the patching process. OPatch will not roll back the patch automatically this time; the user needs to roll back OPatch manually to restore the pre-patch environment.

For information on how to roll back a patch, see Using OPatch to Patch Oracle Fusion Middleware in Patching with OPatch.