B Oracle Universal Installer Deinstallation Screens

Use this information to learn more about the various elements of the Oracle Universal Installer deinstallation screens used to deinstall your Oracle Fusion Middleware software.

Distribution to Uninstall

The installer shows the Distribution to Uninstall screen only if it detects more than one distribution in the Oracle home that you start the program from.

Select the distribution you want to uninstall from the drop-down list, then click Uninstall.

Beneath the drop-down list are the contents of the selected distribution, so you can verify that you are choosing to remove the correct distribution.


The installer displays the Welcome screen when you are about to deinstall one or more Oracle Fusion Middleware software products.

When you use the installer to deinstall your Oracle Fusion Middleware software, the installer removes the software files in the selected Oracle home from disk, updates the Oracle central inventory, and performs other operating system specific tasks to remove the products.

Like the Welcome screen that appears when you are about to install a product, the deinstall Welcome screen contains a navigation pane on the left that summarizes the tasks the installer helps you complete.

Each item in the navigation pane represents a specific installer screen that prompts you for information required to deinstall the software.

For complete information about deinstalling your Oracle Fusion Middleware software, refer to the deinstallation information in the installation guide for your software suite.

Deinstallation Summary

Use the Deinstallation Summary screen to verify that you have selected the Oracle home that you want to deinstall.

If you want to save this configuration to a text file (called a response file), click Save Response File. The resulting response file can be used later if you choose to perform the same deinstallation procedure from the command line.

When you click Deinstall, then the installer begins the process of deinstalling the Oracle home shown on this screen.


Before you click Deinstall, ensure that all processes associated with the selected Oracle home have been stopped.

Deinstallation Progress

Use the Deinstallation Progress screen to monitor the progress of the deinstallation process.

The following table describes the options on the Deinstallation Progress screen.

Button/Check box Description

View Messages

Click View Messages to see the installer messages at the bottom of the screen, where the billboard is located. Click the button again to return to the billboard.

View Successful Tasks

This check box is selected by default, and shows the list of tasks in the main part of the screen as they are completed.

Deselect this check box if you do not want to see the list of tasks.

View Log

Click View Log to see the installer log; the log is displayed in a separate window.


Click Next to proceed to the Deinstallation Complete page.


Click Finish to dismiss the installer without seeing any more screens.

When the progress bar reaches 100%, it indicates that the deinstallation is complete and the products have been cleared from the Oracle Inventory.

Deinstallation Complete

The Deinstallation Complete screen summarizes the deinstallation that was completed. When this screen appears, it indicates that the deinstallation is complete and the selected components have been cleared from the Oracle central inventory.