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JMS Connection Factory: Configuration: Transaction

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Use this page to define the transaction configuration for this JMS connection factory. You can define a transaction time-out value, and also indicate whether an XA queue or XA topic connection factory is returned, which create sessions that are JTA user-transaction aware.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Transaction Timeout

The timeout value (in seconds) for all transactions on connections created with this connection factory.

If a transacted session is still active after the timeout has elapsed, the transaction is rolled back. A value of 0 indicates that the default value will be used. If you have long-running transactions, you might want to adjust the value of this attribute to allow transactions to complete.

MBean Attribute (Does not apply to application modules) :

Minimum value: 0

Maximum value: 2147483647

XA Connection Factory Enabled

Indicates whether a XA queue or XA topic connection factory is returned, instead of a queue or topic connection factory. An XA connection factory can be used to create an XAConnection, which in turn may be used to create an XASession, which in turn may be used to obtain an XAResource for use inside a transaction manager.

In addition, this attribute indicates whether or not a connection factory creates sessions that are JTA aware. If true, the associated message producers and message consumers look into the running thread for a transaction context. Otherwise, the current JTA transaction will be ignored.

Note: Transacted sessions ignore the current threads transaction context in favor of their own internal transaction, regardless of the setting. This setting only affects non-transacted sessions.

MBean Attribute (Does not apply to application modules) :

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