35.3 Configuring OAuth in Multi-Data Centers

You can configure OAuth support in Multi-Data Centers(MDC) using REST APIs.

The following scenario illustrates the flow to configure OAuth in an MDC environment using REST APIs. Perform the following procedures in the sequence given here:.
  1. Create the OAuth Artifacts - Identity Domain, Resource Server, Client and associated trust artifacts on the MasterDC. 

  2. Follow the steps given in Configuring Multi-Data Centers to setup MDC between 2 data centers.


    As part of Step 2, the requests exportAccessStore on Master and importAccessStore on Clone DC are performed. This ensures that artifacts created on MasterDC are visible on CloneDC. Step 2, also ensures that the OAuth Artifacts get copied over to the Clone DC.

  3. Perform GET commands of these artifacts on the Clone DC to confirm that OAuth has been successfully setup in MDC mode.

  4. Enable Automated Policy Synchronization

  5. Now execute the 2 legged flows to verify MDC flows.

    1. Create an Access Token as part of Password Grant Flow on DC1.

    2. Send the same token to the Clone DC end point for validation.

    3. The token should be valid on DC2.