Class Value

  • public final class Value
    extends Object
    A Value is an immutable object that represents a value whose type is unknown at compile time. That is, the type of the value will only be known at runtime when it's requested.

    Much like a Variant (wikipedia) a Value permits runtime coercion into other types, as and when required.

    Coherence 12.1.2
    bo 2011.06.05
    • Constructor Detail

      • Value

        public Value()
        Construct a null Value.
      • Value

        public Value​(Object oValue)
        Construct an Object-based Value.
        oValue - the value of the Value instance
      • Value

        public Value​(String sValue)
        Construct a String-based Value.

        Note: The provided String is trimmed for leading and trailing white-space.

        sValue - the value of the Value instance
      • Value

        public Value​(Value value)
        Construct a Value-based on another Value.
        value - the value for the resulting Value instance
      • Value

        public Value​(XmlValue value)
        Construct a Value based on the string content of an XmlValue.


        • The XmlValue content is used and not the xml itself.
        • The content will be trimmed for leading and trailing white-space.

        value - the value of the Value instance
    • Method Detail

      • isNull

        public boolean isNull()
        Determines if the Value represents a null value.
        true if the value of the Value is null, otherwise false
      • get

        public Object get()
        Obtains the underlying Object representation of the Value.
        The Object representation of the Value (may be null)
      • supports

        public boolean supports​(Class<?> clzType)
        Determines if the Value supports conversion/coercion to the specified type.

        NOTE: This does not test whether the Value can be coerced without an exception.

        clzType - the type to which the Value should be coerced
        true if type is coercable, false otherwise