Class NullImplementation.NullCollector<V>

  • Type Parameters:
    V - the value type
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    Enclosing class:

    public static class NullImplementation.NullCollector<V>
    extends Object
    implements Collector<V>
    A Collector implementation that does nothing.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NullCollector

        public NullCollector()
    • Method Detail

      • add

        public void add​(V value)
        Notify the collector of a item of interest.
        Specified by:
        add in interface Collector<V>
        value - the item to collect
      • flush

        public void flush()
        Request processing of any added values.

        This method should be called after a call or series of calls to Collector.add(V).

        Specified by:
        flush in interface Collector<V>