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Servers: Configuration: Health Monitoring

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WebLogic Server provides a self-health monitoring capability to improve the reliability and availability of servers in a WebLogic Server domain. Selected subsystems within each server monitor their health status based on criteria specific to the subsystem.

Use this page to configure the frequency of this server's automated health checks and the frequency with which the Node Manager application (optional) checks the server's health state. You can also use this page to specify whether Node Manager automatically stops and restarts the server if the server reaches the "failed" health state.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Auto Restart

Specifies whether the Node Manager can automatically restart this server if it crashes or otherwise goes down unexpectedly.

MBean Attribute:

Auto Kill If Failed

This is the equivalent of setting the OverloadProtectionMBean failureAction to "force-shutdown" and the panicAction to "system-exit".

MBean Attribute:

Restart Interval

The number of seconds during which this server can be restarted, up to the number of times specified in Max Restarts Within Interval.

Max Restarts Within Interval

The number of times that the Node Manager can restart this server within the interval specified in Restart Interval.

Health Check Interval

The number of seconds that defines the frequency of this server's self-health monitoring. The server monitors the health of it's subsystems every Health Check Interval and changes the Server's overall state if required.

Restart Delay Seconds

The number of seconds the Node Manager should wait before restarting this server.

After killing a server process, the system might need several seconds to release the TCP port(s) the server was using. If Node Manager attempts to restart the Managed Server while its ports are still active, the startup attempt fails.

If AutoMigration is enabled and RestartDelaySeconds is 0, the RestartDelaySeconds is automatically set to the lease time. This prevents the server from failing to restart after migration when the previous lease is still valid.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 0

Maximum value: 2147483647

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