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Work with the Metric Browser

Charts display the values of metric attributes in MBean instances. The values can be real-time polled metric values obtained from a running WebLogic Server instance, or they can be collected metrics retrieved from the Archive and that display historical data. (Collected metrics can be displayed only if they have been collected by the Harvester. For more information, see Configuring the Harvester for Metric Collection.)

The Metric Browser provides a means to navigate to and select the specific MBean instance attributes whose metric values you want to display in a chart in a view.

The Metric Browser displays the following list boxes you use to quickly identify and select the metrics with which to create charts:

The following table describes the icons that are used in the Metric Browser:

Icon Represents
WebLogic MBean type
Platform MBean type
JMX MBean type
Custom MBean type
MBean instance
Attribute of an MBean instance

To create charts based on metrics obtained from attributes in MBean instances, you select metrics in the Metrics Browser and add them to charts in a view. Each metric you add to a chart shows the value of the corresponding MBean attribute, either as a current value in a gauge chart type, or as its change over time as in a time series chart type.

As a convenience for selecting metrics that have been collected by the Harvester, the Metric Browser includes the Collected Metrics Only button. When you select this button, the Metric Browser displays only collected metrics.

To use the Metric Browser:

  1. Select the server to monitor
  2. Display items in the Metric Browser
  3. Display summary notes about MBean instances and metrics in the Metric Browser

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