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Configure JMS services for migration and high availability

Before you begin

Note: Oracle recommends configuring migration and high availability (HA) using cluster targeted JMS services that share same cluster target with a custom store. See Configure JMS-related services migration using migratable targets.

Ensure that you have created a machine and the cluster or dynamic cluster required. For configured clusters, you need to assign the Managed Servers to Node Manager. For more information on configuring a machine, see Create and configure machines. For more information on assigning servers to a machine, see Assign server instances to machines.

Note: For instructions on configuring whole server migration, see Configure server migration in a cluster.

The main steps for configuring JMS services for migration and high availability:

  1. You must configure the "Leasing Basis" for the cluster. In the Domain Structure tree, expand Environment, and then select Clusters.
  2. On the Summary of Clusters page, select the cluster you want to modify.
  3. On the Configuration > Migration page, modify the Migration Basis field as follows:
    • Database -- requires that Data Source For Automatic Migration field is set with a valid JDBC system resource. It implies that there is a table created on that resource that migrating servers will use for leasing.
    • Consensus -- requires that all servers that are migratable, or which could host an auto-migratable target, have a Node Manager associated with them.
  4. Target your JMS service and a custom store to the same cluster. See the following topics:
  5. Configure the Migration Policy and Distribution Policy and any other HA attributes for your JMS service.

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