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Filters single assets or lists of assets which have not been approved for publishing from being exported into the generated file.



LIST (required)
Name of the list to filter.

LISTVARNAME (required)
Name of the list that contains the filtered assets.

LISTIDCOL (required)
Name of the asset ID column in the list to be filtered.

TYPE (optional)
Asset type to filter.

ID (optional)
Asset ID to filter.

VARNAME (optional)
Name of the output variable that includes a true or false value. A true value indicates it is safe to include the asset.


This tag filters a single asset or list of assets based on whether the asset is approved for the destination being exported. Use this tag within templates that generate a list of assets, including unapproved assets. Templates used during during an export publish operation which employs query assets, EXECSQL commands, ASSET.LIST , and SELECTTO may be candidates for the RENDER.FILTER tag.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:
An argument is missing.


Release Introduced

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