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Administering the Disaster Recovery Framework for Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4

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Updated: June 2019

Creating a Heartbeat That Uses a Custom Heartbeat Plug-in

You can create a custom heartbeat plug-in and configure an existing default heartbeat or a new custom heartbeat to use this custom heartbeat plug-in.

Custom heartbeats are provided for special circumstances and require careful configuration. Consult your Oracle specialist for assistance if your system requires the use of custom heartbeats.

Note -  If you configure a custom heartbeat, ensure that the name of your custom heartbeat is different from the name of the custom heartbeat on the partner cluster.


Caution  -  The presence of a custom heartbeat prevents the default heartbeat from being used during partnership creation. If you want to use the default heartbeat for your partnership, you must delete the custom heartbeat before running the geops create command.

This section contains the following information: