1.1.3 Known Issues

  • Overlay networking issue on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instances using VM 2.x shapes.  When setting up a Kubernetes cluster that uses overlay networking on compute nodes within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, where the compute nodes use a VM 2.x shape, issues can result in the vxlan configuration for the cluster. This issue is commonly caused when the tx offload feature is enabled in the bnxt_en driver module. Nodes that are affected by the issue display errors similar to the following in the dmesg output:

    [  610.495450] bnxt_en 0000:00:03.0 ens3: hwrm req_type 0xa1 seq id 0x67
    error 0xf
    [  610.498246] bnxt_en 0000:00:03.0 ens3: hwrm_tunnel_dst_port_alloc failed.

    You can resolve this issue by disabling the tx offload feature using the ethtool command. For example:

    # ethtool --offload $(ip -o -4 route show to default | awk '{print $5}') tx off

    Not all nodes that use this shape seem to be affected.