1.1.2 Technical Preview

The following items are highlighted as technical preview features within the current release:

  • Flexvolume driver for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  The oci-flexvolume-driver package enables you to add block storage volumes hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to your Kubernetes cluster.

  • IPVS switching.  This functionality can automate load balancing and firewall management in your Kubernetes cluster through the use of unique virtual IP addresses and kernel-level proxying.

  • API server functions available as technical preview.  The API server includes many functions that cater to the full range of capabilities available in Kubernetes. These are described in the upstream documentation available at:


    Not all features described for the API are fully supported by Oracle. The following items are available as technical preview only:


    • CronJob v1beta1 batch

    • Job v1 batch

    • ReplicationController v1 core

    Discovery and Load Balancing

    • Ingress v1beta1 extensions


    • ControllerRevision v1 apps

    • CustomResourceDefinition v1beta1 apiextensions

    • LimitRange v1 core

    • HorizontalPodAutoscaler v1 autoscaling

    • InitializerConfiguration v1alpha1 admissionregistration

    • PodDisruptionBudget v1beta1 policy

    • PriorityClass v1beta1 scheduling

    • PodPreset v1alpha1 settings

    • PodSecurityPolicy v1beta1 extensions


    • APIService v1 apiregistration.k8s.io

    • Binding v1 core

    • CertificateSigningRequest v1beta1 certificates

    • LocalSubjectAccessReview v1 authorization

    • ResourceQuota v1 core

    • Role v1 rbac

    • RoleBinding v1 rbac

    • SelfSubjectAccessReview v1 authorization

    • SelfSubjectRulesReview v1 authorization

    • SubjectAccessReview v1 authorization

    • TokenReview v1 authentication

    • NetworkPolicy v1 extensions