1.5 Compatibility

Oracle Linux maintains user-space compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is independent of the kernel version running underneath the operating system. Existing applications in user space will continue to run unmodified on the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 and no re-certifications are needed for RHEL certified applications.

From UEK R2 quarterly update 3 (2.6.39-400) onward, support for IB, OFED, and RDS is integrated into the kernel. The OFED userland RPMs continue to be provided, but the kernel-ib and ofa-kernel RPMs are no longer required.

The kernel ABI remains unchanged in all updates to UEK R2 subsequent to quarterly update 3.

To minimize impact on interoperability during releases, the Oracle Linux team works closely with third-party vendors whose hardware and software have dependencies on kernel modules. However, to allow the introduction of new drivers, there might be instances where changes must be made. Before installing this update, verify the support status of this release with your application vendor.