2.1 Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this update.

bnx2x Driver

  • When using the bnx2x driver in a bridge, the bug that required you to disable Transparent Packet Aggregation (TPA) by including the statement options bnx2x disable_tpa=1 in /etc/modprobe.conf has been fixed. (Bug ID 14626070)


  • The btrfs subvolume delete command no longer displays "Directory not empty" error when you try to delete the default subvolume. (Bug ID 17661944)


  • If an error occurs on a mounted CIFS file system, the error no longer prevents a Linux system from shutting down. (Bug ID 18447168)


  • DOF ELF objects generated using the -G option to the dtrace command no longer get the EXEC flag set for the stack. (Bug ID 19217436)

  • Order-only prerequisites are now supported in the kernel module build process when generating the sdtstub file for SDT probes in modules. (Bug ID 18906444)


  • The bug that caused hangs with intensive direct random writing to files opened for synchronous I/O (O_DIRECT, O_SYNC) with unwritten extent conversions has been fixed. (Bug ID 18389351)


  • OCFS2 no longer hangs as the result of lost pending messages in the TCP queue, when the idle timeout triggers a TCP disconnect and reconnect. (Bug ID 18363396)


  • Attempting to add many extended attributes to a file in an XFS file system under UEK R3 no longer results in a kernel panic or a system reboot. (Bug ID 18504299).

  • Reading from or writing to a special file, such as /dev/null, that resides on an XFS file system no longer results in an error. (Bug ID 19207712)