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Oracle® Server X6-2 Product Notes

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Updated: August 2021

Hotplug of an NVMe drive in a system running default Oracle Linux kernel settings requires a kernel argument

Bug ID 21899618

Issue: Performing a hotplug insert of an NVMe storage drive with the default Oracle Linux kernel settings will result in incorrect PCIe configuration settings. The values for MPS (MaxPayloadSiz) and MRR (MaxReadRequest) of the hotplugged NVMe storage drive will not be the same as the values for the PCIe switch or root port into which the NVMe storage drive is plugged. Any attempt to use the drive with those mismatched settings will result in a FATAL PCIe ERROR, system reset, and possible data corruption.

Affected operating system: Oracle Linux 6 Update 7 and 8, and 7 Update 2

Workaround: A kernel argument must be passed at boot time that sets the MPS and MRR values for hotplugged NVMe storage drives to values that are supported by (and identical to) the upstream PCIe root port and switch to which it is connected. Users should configure their boot loader with the following argument before attempting any hotplug actions: