Learn About Implementing Active Listening in a Chatbot Skill

A chatbot allows you to actively engage people with whom you are exchanging information. But creating a chatbot skill that’s more than a simple replacement for an online form can be difficult and time consuming. To get a head start, download an example Oracle Digital Assistant skill that you can use to learn from.

The example chatbot skill shows how to parse the open-ended questions that it asks. After parsing the input, it responds appropriately. In the case of the example, the chatbot interviews prospective employees. It gathers information such as job wishes, employment history, and education. It also prompts applicants to talk about their hobbies and other interests, and then responds in a way that shows that the organization cares about them.

Here's part of an example session:

Description of recruitment-skill-demo.png follows
Description of the illustration recruitment-skill-demo.png

Before You Begin

To get the most out of this Solution you should download the example skill and import it into Oracle Digital Assistant.

You should also have some experience with Oracle Digital Assistant design and have at least a rudimentary understanding of Apache Freemarker Template Language, in addition to JavaScript and the use of the Bots Node.js SDK.

About Required Services and Roles

To implement this Solution, you need access to Oracle Digital Assistant with the ServiceDeveloper role.

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