Learn About Deploying an SDDC to the Cloud

This solution shows you how to deploy a VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and then integrate it with other Oracle services running on Oracle Cloud.

In partnership with VMware, Oracle developed a VMware certified Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) implementation for use within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This SDDC implementation, called the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to host a highly available VMware SDDC. It also allows seamless migration of all your on-premises VMware SDDC workloads to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

The base configuration includes three Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute bare metal hosts (BM.DenseIO2.52), which you can scale up to 64 hosts in a single Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC. The base configuration includes 156 OPCUs, 2304 GB of physical memory, and 153 TB of NVMe-based raw storage.

The solution includes VMware software such as vSphere, vSAN, NSX-T, and vCenter Server. The vSAN converged storage technology ensures the availability of data and replicates data across all the bare metal hosts in the SDDC.

The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution also provides L2 network capabilities, which removes a barrier for applications that depend on L2 networking for running on public cloud.

Unlike the VMware SDDC solutions from other cloud providers, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is fully secured and controlled by the customer, and it can be customized based on customer needs. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is also well integrated with other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure VCN, which is configured with different gateways to communicate with the on-premises network and other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.