Data Movement: Cloud Bytes

This statistic tracks the total bytes transferred to and from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage as the result of cloud snapshot operations. The total does not apply to metadata for the transfers; the total only applies to contents of the snapshots that are backed up or restored. Exact measurements that include metadata can be viewed in network analytics.

When to Check Cloud Bytes

Use this statistic when investigating cloud snapshot activity to determine transfer rates to and from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage.

Cloud Bytes Breakdowns

Table 5-20 Breakdowns of Cloud Bytes

Breakdown Description

type of operation

Total bytes for each type of operation, read or write.

cloud target

Total bytes broken down by cloud targets configured in the service.

raw (no breakdown)

Total bytes transferred to all targets and all operation types.

Further Analysis

To examine cloud backup requests instead of bytes transferred, see Data Movement: Cloud Requests.