2 Preparing to Install

This is a chapter describes the prerequisites you must meet before you can successfully install and configure Oracle GoldenGate Monitor. It is comprised of these sections


If your machine configuration already meets the criteria specified in this chapter, proceed to Chapter 3, "Installing Oracle GoldenGate Monitor".

2.1 Install JDK 1.7 on the Target Machine

The target machine is that computer on which you are running the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor instance. Install JDK 7.1 on this machine and set JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables with JDK 1.7 path.

For more information on installing JDK 1.7, see the "JDK 7 and JRE 7 Installation Guide" at:


2.2 Install WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.3)

After installing the certified JDK (JDK 1.7.0_15 or higher), use the Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c (12.1.3) Infrastructure installer to install Oracle WebLogic Server and the Oracle Java Required Files (JRF) Infrastructure services. Download the installer fmw_WLS_version_infrastructure.jar (where WLS_version represents the supported WebLogic Server version; for example,, which you can obtain from:


or from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud, at:


For more details on obtaining Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure installer, see "Understanding and Obtaining the Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure Distribution" in Installing and Configuring the Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure.

For details on installing Oracle WebLogic Server and JRF, see "Installing the Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure Software" in Installing and Configuring the Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure.

2.3 Install the Database Software

Oracle GoldenGate Monitor supports these databases:

The MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases do not support the Oracle Platform Security Service (OPSS) so configuring them requires different steps than the Oracle database. If you are installing either of these non-Oracle databases, you should familiarize yourself with these additional steps, see Section 4.2, "Configuring Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Server for Non-Oracle Databases".

2.3.1 Setting the nls_length_semantics Parameter in your Database

Oracle Fusion Middleware only supports schemas in a byte-mode database. The nls_length_semantics initialization parameter on the database where the schemas reside must be set to BYTE; setting this parameter to CHAR is not supported.

To check the values of this parameter using SQL*Plus, you can use the show parameters command:

prompt> sqlplus "sys/password as sysdba"SQL> show parameters nls_length_semantics

Replace password with the actual password for the SYS user.

Alternatively, you can check the values by querying the V$PARAMETER view:

prompt> sqlplus "sys/password as sysdba"SQL> select name,value from v$parameter;

2.4 Next Step: Install Oracle GoldenGate Monitor

With the prerequisites met, you will now install Oracle GoldenGate Monitor. For instructions, see Section 3, "Installing Oracle GoldenGate Monitor"