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Part I Introduction

1.  Overview

2.  Using the Tutorial Examples

Part II The Web Tier

3.  Getting Started with Web Applications

4.  Java Servlet Technology

5.  JavaServer Pages Technology

6.  JavaServer Pages Documents

7.  JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library

8.  Custom Tags in JSP Pages

9.  Scripting in JSP Pages

10.  JavaServer Faces Technology

11.  Using JavaServer Faces Technology in JSP Pages

12.  Developing with JavaServer Faces Technology

13.  Creating Custom UI Components

14.  Configuring JavaServer Faces Applications

15.  Internationalizing and Localizing Web Applications

Part III Web Services

16.  Building Web Services with JAX-WS

17.  Binding between XML Schema and Java Classes

18.  Streaming API for XML

19.  SOAP with Attachments API for Java

Part IV Enterprise Beans

20.  Enterprise Beans

21.  Getting Started with Enterprise Beans

22.  Session Bean Examples

23.  A Message-Driven Bean Example

Part V Persistence

24.  Introduction to the Java Persistence API

25.  Persistence in the Web Tier

26.  Persistence in the EJB Tier

27.  The Java Persistence Query Language

Part VI Services

28.  Introduction to Security in the Java EE Platform

29.  Securing Java EE Applications

30.  Securing Web Applications

31.  The Java Message Service API

32.  Java EE Examples Using the JMS API

33.  Transactions

34.  Resource Connections

35.  Connector Architecture

Part VII Case Studies

36.  The Coffee Break Application

37.  The Duke's Bank Application

Part VIII Appendixes

A.  Java Encoding Schemes



Appendix B

About the Authors

Java Architecture for XML Binding

Eric Jendrock is a staff writer at Sun Microsystems, where he leads the Java EE Tutorial and the Java WSIT Tutorial. Previously, he documented middleware products and standards. Currently, he writes about the Java Web Services Interoperability Technologies, the Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB), and security in the Java EE platform.

JavaServer Faces Technology, Web-Tier Technologies

Jennifer Ball is a staff writer at Sun Microsystems, where she documents JavaServer Faces technology. Previously she documented the Java2D API, deploytool, and JAXB. She holds an M.A. degree in Interdisciplinary Computer Science from Mills College.


Debbie Carson is a staff writer at Sun Microsystems, where she documents the Java EE, Java SE, and Java Web Services Interoperability Technologies platforms. In previous positions she documented creating database applications using C++ and Java technologies and creating distributed applications using Java technology.

Java API for XML Web Services, Enterprise JavaBeans Technology, Java Persistence API

Ian Evans is a staff writer at Sun Microsystems, where he documents the Java EE and Java Web Services platforms and edits the Java EE platform specifications. In previous positions he documented programming tools, CORBA middleware, and Java application servers, and taught classes on UNIX, web programming, and server-side Java development.

Streaming API for XML, Java Architecture for XML Binding

Scott Fordin is a senior staff writer, illustrator, and online help specialist in the Java and XML Technology groups at Sun Microsystems. He has written numerous articles on Java, XML, and web service technologies. Scott has also written many developer guides, administrator guides, user guides (including the JAXB User’s Guide), specifications, white papers, and tutorials for a wide range of products. Some of his most recent work includes writing about the StAX APIs, Application Server troubleshooting, and Application Server error messages.

SOAP with Attachments API for Java, Java Message Service API

Kim Haase is a staff writer at Sun Microsystems, where she documents the Java EE platform and Java Web Services. In previous positions she documented compilers, debuggers, and floating-point programming. She currently writes about the Java Message Service, the Java API for XML Registries, SOAP with Attachments API for Java, the Java DB database, and Service Registry.