Annotation Type Disposes

public @interface Disposes

Identifies the disposed parameter of a disposer method. May be applied to a parameter of a method of a bean class.

 public class UserDatabaseEntityManager {

    @Produces @ConversationScoped @UserDatabase
    public EntityManager create(EntityManagerFactory emf) {
       return emf.createEntityManager();
    public void close(@Disposes @UserDatabase EntityManager em) {


A disposer method allows the application to perform customized cleanup of an object returned by a producer method.

A disposer method must be a non-abstract method of a managed bean class or session bean class. A disposer method may be either static or non-static. If the bean is a session bean, the disposer method must be a business method of the EJB or a static method of the bean class.

A bean may declare multiple disposer methods.

Each disposer method must have exactly one disposed parameter, of the same type as the corresponding producer method return type. When searching for disposer methods for a producer method, the container considers the type and qualifiers of the disposed parameter. If a disposed parameter resolves to a producer method declared by the same bean class, the container must call this method when destroying any instance returned by that producer method.

In addition to the disposed parameter, a disposer method may declare additional parameters, which may also specify qualifiers. These additional parameters are injection points.

 public void close(@Disposes @UserDatabase EntityManager em, Logger log) { ... }

A disposer method may resolve to multiple producer methods declared by the bean class, in which case the container must call it when destroying any instance returned by any of these producer methods.

Disposer methods are not inherited by bean subclasses.

Interceptors and decorators may not declare disposer methods.

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