Interface Selection<X>

Type Parameters:
X - the type of the selection item
All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
CollectionJoin<Z,E>, CompoundSelection<X>, CriteriaBuilder.Case<R>, CriteriaBuilder.Coalesce<T>, CriteriaBuilder.In<T>, CriteriaBuilder.SimpleCase<C,R>, Expression<T>, From<Z,X>, Join<Z,X>, ListJoin<Z,E>, MapJoin<Z,K,V>, ParameterExpression<T>, Path<X>, PluralJoin<Z,C,E>, Predicate, Root<X>, SetJoin<Z,E>, Subquery<T>

public interface Selection<X>
extends TupleElement<X>

The Selection interface defines an item that is to be returned in a query result.

Java Persistence 2.0

Method Summary
 Selection<X> alias(java.lang.String name)
          Assigns an alias to the selection item.
 java.util.List<Selection<?>> getCompoundSelectionItems()
          Return the selection items composing a compound selection.
 boolean isCompoundSelection()
          Whether the selection item is a compound selection.
Methods inherited from interface javax.persistence.TupleElement
getAlias, getJavaType

Method Detail


Selection<X> alias(java.lang.String name)
Assigns an alias to the selection item. Once assigned, an alias cannot be changed or reassigned. Returns the same selection item.

name - alias
selection item


boolean isCompoundSelection()
Whether the selection item is a compound selection.

boolean indicating whether the selection is a compound selection


java.util.List<Selection<?>> getCompoundSelectionItems()
Return the selection items composing a compound selection. Modifications to the list do not affect the query.

list of selection items
IllegalStateException - if selection is not a compound selection

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