MEEP 1.9950 (b67)
JCP EG draft 10-February-2014 08:45

Package javax.microedition.lui

[OPTIONAL] Set of features to implement Line-oriented User Interface.

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Package javax.microedition.lui Description

[OPTIONAL] Set of features to implement Line-oriented User Interface.


The APIs in the LUI package provide a set of features for implementing user interfaces in JME Embedded Profile applications. It is made for those implementations running on embedded devices with one or more simple line-oriented displays, good for displaying text messages only that have therefore chosen LUI as their user interface package (see section about UI optionality in the JME Embedded Profile summary for details. Those displays can be built-in or auxiliary ones.

LUI Package Architecture

An application gains access to a display resource using a Display object. Each Display object represents specific application's use of a specific resource, rather than the resource itself. Hence, for a given display resource, each application has its own dedicated Display object for accessing it. Displays

A Display has a display state, indicating whether the logical Display is currently assigned to the underlying hardware or not: A line-oriented display can only be exclusively used by one application at a time. Therefore only one logical Display can be assigned to it at a time.

Display objects also reflect characteristics of the underlying hardware like :

MEEP 1.9950 (b67)
10-February-2014 08:45

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