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Java Device Test Suite Tester’s Guide

Version 2.4 Java ME Platform






1. Overview

The Java Device Test Suite

Compatibility and Quality Testing

Architecture: Tester’s View

Tester Harness and Central Installation

Test Packs, Packages, Classes, and Cases

Device Features

Runtime Test Architecture

Benchmark Test Architecture

OTA Provisioning Test Architecture

Tester Harness



2. Installing and Launching the Tester Harness

Installation Requirements

Installing the Tester Harness

procedure iconsmall spaceRunning the Graphical Installer

procedure iconsmall spaceRunning the Command Line Installer


Installing Multiple Harnesses

Launching the Tester Harness

procedure iconsmall spaceLaunching in Graphical Mode

procedure iconsmall spaceLaunching in Batch Mode

3. Updating the Tester Harness

Obtaining the Software

System Requirements

Updating the Installation

procedure iconsmall spaceRunning the Graphical Updater

procedure iconsmall spaceRunning the Command Line Updater

Verifying the Update

4. Connecting Test Devices

Test Device Requirements

Test Device Connection Options

Test Bundle Transfer

HTTP Bundle Transfer

Local Link Bundle Transfer

Test Result Disposition

Specifying the Transmission of Bundles and Results

5. Running a Test

Preparing for the Quick Tests

procedure iconsmall spaceRunning the Test Harness and Setting Files

Running Automated Tests

Running an Interactive Test

Selecting Tests by Device Feature and Severity

Creating Feature and Severity Reports

6. Interpreting Benchmark Statistics

Unit Rate Test Statistics

System Load Test Statistics

Pass or Fail Calculation

Tests that Measure System Load

Tests that Measure Unit Rate

7. Readiness Tests


procedure iconsmall spaceVerifying Bundle Capacity

procedure iconsmall spaceVerifying Essential Facilities

procedure iconsmall spaceVerifying HTTP Communication

8. Test Failure Severity

Viewing Test Failure Severity

Selecting Tests by Severity

Organizing a Report by Severity

How Severity is Calculated

Pre-run Severity

Default Severity

Severity Override List

Post-run Severity

A. Test and Harness Ports

B. Subjectivity and Quality Testing

Interactive Tests

Display Differences

Anomalous Conditions

Benchmark Tests

Robustness Tests

C. Uninstalling

Uninstalling: Solaris Operating System

Uninstalling: Windows Environment

D. Filtering Tests with Exclude Lists

Creating an Exclude List

Comment Lines

Test Lines


Associating an Exclude List with a Configuration or Template

procedure iconsmall spaceSpecifying an Exclude List with the Configuration or Template Editor

procedure iconsmall spaceSpecifying an Exclude List with the Quick Set Editor

E. Specifying HTTP Headers

F. Supported Technologies