Interface WebSocket.Builder

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface WebSocket.Builder
    A builder for creating WebSocket instances.
    Incubating Feature. Will be removed in a future release.

    To build a WebSocket, create a builder, configure it as required by calling intermediate methods (the ones that return the builder itself), then finally call buildAsync() to get a CompletableFuture with resulting WebSocket.

    If an intermediate method has not been called, an appropriate default value (or behavior) will be used. Unless otherwise noted, a repeated call to an intermediate method overwrites the previous value (or overrides the previous behaviour).

    Instances of Builder are not safe for use by multiple threads without external synchronization.

    • Method Detail

      • header

        WebSocket.Builder header​(String name,
                                 String value)
        Adds the given name-value pair to the list of additional headers for the opening handshake.

        Headers defined in WebSocket Protocol are not allowed to be added.

        name - the header name
        value - the header value
        this builder
      • subprotocols

        WebSocket.Builder subprotocols​(String mostPreferred,
                                       String... lesserPreferred)
        Includes a request for the given subprotocols during the opening handshake.

        Among the requested subprotocols at most one will be chosen by the server. This subprotocol will be available from WebSocket.getSubprotocol(). Subprotocols are specified in the order of preference.

        Each of the given subprotocols must conform to the relevant rules defined in the WebSocket Protocol.

        If this method is not invoked then no subprotocols are requested.

        mostPreferred - the most preferred subprotocol
        lesserPreferred - the lesser preferred subprotocols, with the least preferred at the end
        this builder
      • connectTimeout

        WebSocket.Builder connectTimeout​(Duration timeout)
        Sets a timeout for the opening handshake.

        If the opening handshake does not complete within the specified duration then the CompletableFuture returned from buildAsync() completes exceptionally with a HttpTimeoutException.

        If this method is not invoked then the timeout is deemed infinite.

        timeout - the timeout, non-negative, non-ZERO
        this builder