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Beyond the Basics

The lessons in the Beyond the Basics trail provide in-depth information on advanced JNDI topics. Before embarking on this trail, you should have a good grasp of the JNDI fundamentals. If you do not, then proceed first to The Basics (in the Basics trail) trail.

The What's in a Name lesson discusses the use of string names and structured names in the JNDI. It gives details about the different types of names and describes utilities for parsing and constructing names.

The Environment Properties lesson describes how to configure the JNDI using environment properties, system properties, applet parameters, application resource files, and provider resource files.

The Event Notification lesson describes how to use event notification in the JNDI.

The URLs lesson describes the different uses of URLs in the JNDI.

The Federation lesson describes what federation is and how it is supported by the JNDI.

The Miscellaneous lesson discusses various topics, including class loading, link references, and naming policies.

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