The JNDI Tutorial

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You can begin reading the tutorial sequentially, or visit only those trails that interest you. If you have questions about the tutorial (how to download it, when it was updated, how to give us feedback...), go to the tutorial's first page.

Getting Started     TOC ]

Start here to read an overview of naming and directory concepts and the JNDI. This trail also shows you how to write, compile, and run your first JNDI application. It will help you understand the rest of the material presented in this tutorial.

The Basics     TOC ]

These lessons teach you how to use the JNDI to perform naming and directory operations.

Beyond the Basics     TOC ]

These lessons discuss advanced topics in the JNDI. These topics include a discussion on the relationship between URLs and the JNDI, federation, and event notification.

Java Objects and the Directory     TOC ]

These lessons show you how to integrate your application with the directory, so that you can store and retrieve Java objects to/from the directory.

Tips for LDAP Users    TOC ]

This trail contains special hints and tips for accessing the LDAP service through the JNDI.

Building a Service Provider     TOC ]

Here's the information you need to create a JNDI service provider.

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