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Getting Started with Swing
Trail: Creating a GUI With Swing

Lesson: Getting Started with Swing

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This lesson gives you a brief introduction to using Swing. After telling you about Swing, it walks you through how to compile and run a program that uses the Swing packages.

The following lesson, Learning Swing with the NetBeans IDE will build on these first steps to help you create several progressively more complex examples. For now, let's start with the basics.

About the JFC and Swing

This section gives you an overview of Swing.

Compiling and Running Swing Programs

This section gives you detailed instructions on where to obtain the latest JDK and how to create, compile and run a program that uses Swing components.

If you are interested in using the JavaFX package to create your UI, see the JavaFX Documentation. To deploy, see Java Platform, Standard Edition Deployment Guide.

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