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What's New in This Guide

Part I Introducing OWSM

1 Overview

2 Using OWSM with WebLogic Server

3 Determining Which Predefined Policies to Use

Part II Attaching and Managing Policies

4 Attaching Policies

5 Overriding Policy Configuration Properties

6 Managing Web Service Policies with Fusion Middleware Control

Part III Securing Web Services

7 Configuring Message Protection

8 Configuring Transport-Level Security (SSL)

9 Configuring Authentication

10 Configuring Authorization

11 Configuring Secure Conversation

12 Integrating Hardware with Oracle Web Services Manager

13 SAML Message Protection Use Case

14 WS-Trust Use Cases

Part IV Managing and Troubleshooting OWSM

15 Managing OWSM Domain Configuration

16 Managing the OWSM Repository

17 Diagnosing Problems with OWSM

Part V Predefined Policies and Assertions

18 Predefined Policies

19 Predefined Assertion Templates

A Security and Policy Annotation Reference

B Schema Reference for Predefined Assertions

C Schema Reference for Policy Sets

D OWSM Introspection Plug-in for Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder