C Oracle Service Bus APIs

This appendix provides an overview of the Service Bus APIs for updating and customizing resources, deploying resources, and managing and monitoring those resources in the runtime. Service Bus exposes APIs to allow customizing resources and to provide external access to monitoring data and deployment.

This appendix includes the following sections:

Javadoc for the Oracle Service Bus APIs is provided in the Java API Reference for Oracle Service Bus.

C.1 Resource Update and Customization

Several APIs are exposed to allow customization of service definitions, WSDL documents, schemas, XQueries, and other design-time resources through programmatic interfaces. The supporting APIs allow loading ZIP files containing resources, in addition to moving, renaming, cloning, or deleting resources, folders, and projects. A typical use case is one in which you have a prototypical proxy service from which you make a number of copies; each copy can be modified programmatically.

Numerous customization options can be applied during deployment. For example, environment variables allow you to preserve or tailor settings when moving from one environment to another.

The available APIs include:

  • ProxyServiceConfigurationMBean: Enable and disable proxy services, and enable and disable monitoring for a proxy service.

  • BusinessServiceConfigurationMBean: Enable and disable business services, monitoring for a business service, throttling, offline URIs, and result caching, as well as detach a service from a UDDI registry.

  • PipelineServiceConfigurationMBean: Enable and disable pipeline and SLA alerts for a pipeline.

  • CommonServiceConfigurationMBean: Enable and disable a business or proxy service, and enable and disable message tracing.

  • FlowServiceConfigurationMBean: Enable and disable SLA alerts and monitoring for a split join.

  • ALSBConfigurationMBean: Manage resources in a Service Bus domain by performing the following tasks:

    • Query, export, and import resources

    • Obtain validation errors

    • Get and set environment values

    • Modify references inside resources to new references

    • Move, rename, clone, and delete resources

  • ResultCacheRuntimeMBean: Manage the result cache with methods to delete a single entry and delete all entries that belong to a specific business service.

  • Customization: Customize the Service Bus runtime by performing the following tasks:

    • Find and replace environment values

    • Assign environment values

    • Map references found in resources to other references

C.2 Management and Monitoring

The JMX Monitoring API in Oracle Service Bus provides external access to monitoring data. Java Management Extensions (JMX) technology was used for the implementation. Service Bus resources within a domain use JMX Managed Beans (MBeans) to expose their management functions. An MBean is a concrete Java class that is developed according to JMX specifications.

For more information, see "JMX Monitoring API" in Administering Oracle Service Bus.

C.3 Deployment

You can use the Service Bus MBeans in Java programs and WLST scripts to automate the promotion of Service Bus configurations from development environments through testing, staging, and finally to production environments. Numerous customization options can be applied during deployment. For example, an extended list of environment variables allows you to preserve or tailor settings when moving from one environment to another.

For information, see "Using the Deployment APIs" in Administering Oracle Service Bus.