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What's New in This Guide

Part I Introduction to Oracle Service Bus

1 Learning About Oracle Service Bus

2 Getting Started with the Oracle Service Bus Console

3 Getting Started with Oracle Service Bus in JDeveloper

4 Setting up the Development Environment for JDeveloper

5 Developing Oracle Service Bus Applications in JDeveloper

Part II Working with Oracle Service Bus Resources

6 Creating and Configuring Project Resources

7 Creating and Configuring System Resources

8 Creating and Configuring Proxy Services

9 Creating and Configuring Business Services

10 Improving Service Performance with Split-Join

11 Working with WSDL Documents

Part III Working with Oracle Service Bus Pipelines

12 Modeling Message Flow in Oracle Service Bus

13 Working with Pipelines in Oracle Service Bus Console

14 Working with Pipeline Actions in Oracle Service Bus Console

15 Working With Expression Editors in Oracle Service Bus Console

16 Working with Pipelines in Oracle JDeveloper

17 Working with Pipeline Actions in Oracle JDeveloper

18 Working with Pipeline Templates

Part IV Transforming Data

19 Transforming Data with XQuery

20 Transforming Data with XSLT

21 Mapping Data with Cross-References

22 Mapping Data with Domain Value Maps

23 Defining Data Structures with Message Format Language

24 Using Java Callouts and POJOs

Part V Working with JCA Adapters, Transports, and Bindings

25 Using the JCA Transport and JCA Adapters

26 Creating REST Services with Oracle Service Bus

27 Using the DSP Transport

28 Using the EJB Transport

29 Using HTTP and Poller Transports

30 Using the JEJB Transport

31 Using the JMS Transport

32 Using the Local Transport

33 Using the MQ Transport

34 Using the Oracle BPEL Process Manager Transport

35 Using the SB Transport

36 Using the SOA-DIRECT Transport

37 Using the Tuxedo Transport

38 Using the WS Transport

Part VI Creating Custom Transport Providers

39 Learning About Custom Transport Providers

40 Developing Custom Transport Providers

41 Developing Custom Transport Providers for JDeveloper

42 Packaging and Deploying a Custom Transport Provider

43 Creating a Sample Socket Transport Provider

Part VII Sharing Artifacts and Services

44 Importing and Exporting Resources and Configurations

45 Sharing Data Using the Metadata Services Repository

46 Working with UDDI Registries

Part VIII Security

47 Understanding Oracle Service Bus Security

48 Oracle Service Bus Security FAQ

49 Securing Business and Proxy Services

50 Configuring Message-Level Security for Web Services

51 Configuring Transport-Level Security

52 Securing Oracle Service Bus with Oracle Web Services Manager

53 Securing Oracle Service Bus Proxy and Business Services with WS-Policy

54 Using SAML with Oracle Service Bus

55 Configuring Custom Authentication

56 Defining Message-Level Security with .Net 2.0

Part IX Completing Oracle Service Bus Services

57 Debugging Oracle Service Bus Applications

58 Using the Test Console

59 Deploying Oracle Service Bus Services

60 Using the Oracle Service Bus Development Maven Plug-In


A Message Context

B XPath Extension Functions

C Oracle Service Bus APIs

D Transport SDK Interfaces and Classes

E Transport SDK UML Sequence Diagrams

F XQuery-SQL Mapping Reference

G Work Managers and Threading