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What's New in This Guide

Part I Introducing OWSM

1 Overview

2 Using OWSM with WebLogic Server

3 Determining Which Predefined Policies to Use

Part II Attaching and Managing Policies

4 Attaching Policies

5 Overriding Policy Configuration Properties

6 Managing Web Service Policies with Fusion Middleware Control

Part III Securing Web Services

7 Configuring Message Protection

8 Protecting Personally Identifiable Information

9 Configuring Transport-Level Security (SSL)

10 Configuring Authentication

11 Configuring Authorization

12 Configuring Secure Conversation

13 Integrating Hardware with Oracle Web Services Manager

Part IV Managing and Troubleshooting OWSM

14 Managing OWSM Domain Configuration

15 Managing the OWSM Repository

16 Diagnosing Problems with OWSM

Part V Predefined Policies and Assertions

17 Predefined Policies

18 Predefined Assertion Templates

Part VI Reference

A Security and Policy Annotation Reference

B Predefined Assertion Templates Reference

C Schema Reference for Predefined Assertions

D Schema Reference for Policy Sets

E OWSM Introspection Plug-in for Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder