1 Enterprise Deployment Overview

This chapter introduces the concept of an Oracle Fusion Middleware enterprise deployment.

It also provides information on when to use the Enterprise Deployment guide.

1.1 About the Enterprise Deployment Guide

An Enterprise Deployment Guide provides a comprehensive, scalable example for installing, configuring, and maintaining a secure, highly available, production-quality deployment of selected Oracle Fusion Middleware products. This resulting environment is known as an enterprise deployment topology.

By example, the enterprise deployment topology introduces key concepts and best practices that you can use to implement a similar Oracle Fusion Middleware environment for your organization.

Each Enterprise Deployment Guide provides detailed, validated instructions for implementing the reference topology. Along the way, the guide offers links to supporting documentation that explains concepts, reference material, and additional options for an Oracle Fusion Middleware enterprise deployment.

Note that the enterprise deployment topologies described in the enterprise deployment guides cannot meet the exact requirements of all Oracle customers. In some cases, you can consider alternatives to specific procedures in this guide, depending on whether the variations to the topology are documented and supported by Oracle.

Oracle recommends customers use the Enterprise Deployment Guides as a first option for deployment. If variations are required, then those variations should be verified by reviewing related Oracle documentation or by working with Oracle Support.

1.2 When to Use the Enterprise Deployment Guide

This guide describes one of three primary installation and configuration options for Oracle Fusion Middleware. Use this guide to help you plan, prepare, install, and configure a multi-host, secure, highly available, production topology for selected Oracle Fusion Middleware products.

Alternatively, you can: