4 About the Security Store

This chapter introduces the security store types supported, the package requirements for application security, and the OPSS support for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

This chapter includes the following sections:

4.1 Supported File, LDAP, and DB Stores

OPSS supports the following repositories:

  • For the security store and keystores:

    • File-based - XML file

    • LDAP-based - Oracle Internet Directory

    • DB-based - Oracle DBMS, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server

  • For the identity store, any LDAP authentication provider supported by Oracle WebLogic Server. File identity stores are supported in Java SE applications only.

  • For the audit store:

    • File-based - XML file

    • DB-based - Oracle DBMS, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server

For supported versions, see Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Certifications at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/ias/downloads/fusion-certification-100350.html.

If you are using Oracle Internet Directory version with OPSS, then the patch that fixes bug number 8351672 is required. For a list of patches to various versions of Oracle Internet Directory, see Chapter 9, "Using an LDAP Security Store."

4.2 Packaging Requirements

Application policies are specified in the jazn-data.xml file, and application credentials are specified in the cwallet.sso file. Package these files in the META-INF directory of the application Enterprise ARchive (EAR) file. At application deployment, you typically migrate those policies and credentials to the security store.

4.3 FIPS Support in OPSS

FIPS-140 is enabled in the entire Oracle Fusion Middleware stack. For information about FIPS, see FIPS-140 Support in Oracle Fusion Middleware in Administering Oracle Fusion Middleware.