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Servers: Monitoring: Performance

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This page lets you monitor performance information about this server. You can also use this page to force garbage collection or a thread dump.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Execute Thread Current Idle Count

The number of idle threads assigned to the queue.

MBean Attribute:

Oldest Pending Request

The time since the longest waiting request was placed in the queue.

MBean Attribute:

Serviced Request Total Count

The number of requests that have been processed by the queue.

MBean Attribute:

Queue Length

The number of waiting requests in the queue.

MBean Attribute:

Heap Size Current

The current size (in bytes) of the JVM heap.

MBean Attribute:

Heap Free Current

The current amount of memory (in bytes) that is available in the JVM heap.

MBean Attribute:

Heap Free Percent

Percentage of the maximum memory that is free.

MBean Attribute:

Heap Size Max

The maximum free memory configured for this JVM.

MBean Attribute:

Process CPU load

Total CPU load for this WebLogic Server instance.

System CPU Load

Total CPU load on this machine.

Total Physical Memory

Total physical memory size on this machine.

Free Physical Memory

Total free physical memory size on this machine.

Committed Virtual Memory

Committed virtual memory size on this machine.

Swap Space

Total swap space size on this machine.

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