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Diagnostic Modules: Create a Diagnostic Policy

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Use this set of pages to create a policy for a diagnostic module. To configure all options for the policy, you must set options on the first page, click Next to navigate to the next page, set the options on that page, and so on. When finished, click Finish to save the configuration.

Note: As of WebLogic Server 12.2.1, the terms watch and notification are replaced by policy and action, respectively. However, the definition of these terms has not changed.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Policy Name

The name of the WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) bean.

MBean Attribute:

Policy Type

The expression type for the policy: HARVESTER_RULE_TYPE refers to harvested data, LOG_RULE_TYPE refers to server log entry data, DOMAIN_LOG_RULE_TYPE refers to domain log entry data, and EVENT_DATA_RULE_TYPE refers to instrumentation event data. The default type is HARVESTER_RULE_TYPE.

For information on policy expressions, see "Using the Diagnostics Framework for Oracle WebLogic Server" at

MBean Attribute:

Enable Policy

Specifies whether the policy and action component is enabled.

If true (the default), all configured policies are activated, incoming data or events are evaluated against the policies, and actions are generated when policy conditions are met. If false, all policies are rendered inactive.

MBean Attribute:

Configure Policy Alarm

Specifies whether to use an alarm for the policy. If an alarm is used, this also sets the type of alarm: manual or automatic. Before it will evaluate to true again, a manually reset alarm must be reset in the console or programmatically. An automatic reset alarm will reset after the specified time period has elapsed.

MBean Attribute:

Automatic Reset Period (in seconds)

For automatic reset alarms, the number of seconds to wait after the policy evaluates to true before the alarm is automatically reset. The minimum value you can enter is 1 (stored as 1000 milliseconds).

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 1000


The actions enabled for this policy.

MBean Attribute:


Seconds expression for this policy schedule.

MBean Attribute:


Minutes expression for this policy schedule.

MBean Attribute:


Hours expression for this policy schedule.

MBean Attribute:


Month expression for this policy schedule.

MBean Attribute:


4-digit calendar year for this policy schedule.

MBean Attribute:

Day(s) Of Week

Days of a week expression for this policy schedule.

MBean Attribute:

Day(s) Of Month

Days of a month expression for this policy schedule.

MBean Attribute:

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