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Deployments: Monitoring: JAX-RS Application: Monitoring: Exception Statistics

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Use this page to monitor the exception mapper executions associated with the JAX-RS application.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Successful Exception Mappings Count

Total of all successful exception mappings. Successful exception mapping occurs when any exception mapper returns a valid response (even if the response contains a non-successful response status code).

MBean Attribute:

Unsuccessful Exception Mappings Count

Total of all unsuccessful exception mappings. Unsuccessful exception mapping occurs when any exception mapping process does not produce a valid response because the exception mapper is not found, or is found but throws an exception.

MBean Attribute:

Total Exception Mappings Count

Total of all exceptions that were mapped in the runtime.

MBean Attribute:


The string representing the FQCN (Fully Qualified Class Name) of the exception mapper.

MBean Attribute:


Number of executions of the exception mappers.

MBean Attribute:

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