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What's New in This Guide

Part I Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Content

1 Introduction to Administering Oracle WebCenter Content

Part II Getting Started

2 Getting Started Administering Oracle WebCenter Content

3 Managing System Processes

4 Batch Loading Content

Part III Monitoring Oracle WebCenter Content Server

5 Monitoring Content Server Status

6 Monitoring Content Server Log Files

7 Monitoring Content Server and Inbound Refinery Using Fusion Middleware Control

Part IV Administering System Configuration

8 Configuring System Properties

9 Managing Components

10 Managing Search Features

11 Configuring the Search Index

12 Managing a File Store System

13 Configuring Providers

14 Mapping URLs

Part V Administering Security

15 Understanding Security and User Access

16 Configuring Fusion Middleware Security for Content Server

17 Managing User Types, Logins, and Aliases

18 Managing Security Groups, Roles, and Permissions

19 Managing Accounts

20 Managing Access Control List Security

21 Managing Additional Content Server Security Connections

22 Customizing Content Server Communication

Part VI Administering System Migration and Archiving

23 Understanding System Migration and Archiving

24 Migrating System Configurations

25 Migrating Imaging 11g

26 Managing Archives, Collections, and Batch Files

27 Exporting Data in Archives

28 Importing Data from Archives

29 Transferring Files

30 Replicating Files

31 Archiving Contribution Folders

32 Archiving the Contribution Folder Structure

33 Migrating Folders_g to Folders

34 Migrating the Folders Structure

35 Archive and Migration Strategies

36 Using Archiver Replication Exceptions

Part VII Appendixes

A Managing Oracle Fusion Middleware BPEL Component for Content Server

B Managing the Need to Know Component

C Managing Kofax Capture Export Connector to Oracle WebCenter Content

D Troubleshooting Oracle WebCenter Content