Performing Group-Level Functions

This section describes how to perform group-functions.

Topics include:

The Group Action Menu

The Menu button is available at the group level and enables to perform various functions.

The group-level Menu button is shown below.

Editing the Data Set

Launch the data set editor to modify properties of selected data sets.

  • Click Edit Data Set to launch the data set editor.

See the appropriate section for the data set type in Creating Data Sets for more information.

Removing Elements from the Group

You can remove elements from groups as needed.

To remove an element from the group:

  • On the element row, click the menu and then click Remove Element. An example is shown below.


You can only remove elements added as a group function (sum, count, and so on) or added as an expression.

Editing the Group Properties

Edit the properties of a group as needed.

  1. Click Menu and select Properties.
  2. Edit the Group Name or Display Name and click OK, as shown below.