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Oracle Collaboration Suite User's Guide
Release 9.0.3

Part Number B10032-01
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1 Welcome to Oracle Collaboration Suite

What is Oracle Collaboration Suite?
How is this Guide Organized?

2 Managing the Oracle Web Client

Accessing the Oracle Web Client
Understanding the Web Client Web Page Layout
Global Buttons
Side Navigation Bar
Viewing and Managing Messages
Viewing Messages
Replying to Messages
Forwarding Messages
Deleting Messages
Moving Messages
Searching Folders for Messages
Composing E-mail Messages
Composing and Sending E-mail Messages
E-mail Message Priority
Saving a Composed E-mail Message as a Draft
Saving a Composed E-mail Message as a Template
Adding File Attachments to E-mail Messages
Managing Folders
Viewing Folders
Creating Folders and Subfolders
Deleting Folders and Subfolders
Renaming Folders
Expunging Folders
Sharing Folders
Managing Public Distribution Lists
Using the E-mail Command Client Interface to Manage Public Distribution Lists
Subscribing to Public Distribution Lists
Unsubscribing from Public Distribution Lists
Scheduling E-mail Delivery Through Lists
Obtaining Information about Specific Public Distribution Lists
Suspending Communication from a Public Distribution List
Resuming Mail Delivery from a Public Distribution List
Viewing All Public Distribution Lists
Sending Out Subscription Invitations
Approving Moderated List Postings
Owning a Public Distribution List
Posting a Message to a Public Distribution List
Managing Directory Address Book
Creating a Directory Address Book Entry
Editing a Directory Address Book Entry
Deleting a Directory Address Book Entry

3 Setting Oracle Web Client Preferences

Account Preferences
Basic Settings
Checking Your Message Quota
Enabling or Disabling External Access
Changing Your Password
Setting Folder Preferences
Setting Filters
Creating a Filter
Deleting a Filter
Updating a Filter
E-mail Preferences
Composing Message Options
Changing the From Name
Forwarding Messages
Quoting an Original Message in a Reply
Using Auto Reply Messages
Creating and Adding a Signature
Setting Oracle Web Client Message Viewing Options
Setting the Number of Messages to Display
Showing Message Header Information
Voice Mail/FAX Preferences

4 Using Oracle Voicemail & Fax

Accessing Your Voice Mail Messages
Listening to New Voice Mail Messages
Listening to Saved (Previously Read) Messages
Sending a New Voice Mail Message
Setting Personal Options
Setting a Greeting
Changing Your Voice Mail Password

5 Using Oracle Collaboration Suite Search

Searching for an Item by Name
Searching for an Item by Content
Searching for an Item by User
Searching for an Item by Date
Selecting The Areas In Which To Search
Viewing Your Search Results

6 Using Oracle Wireless and Voice Access

Managing Wireless and Voice Settings
Creating a Contact Rule
Voice Access and Alert Settings
Advanced Voice and Wireless Settings
Adding a Contact Rule
Editing a Contact Rule
Deleting a Contact Rule
Adding a Communications Device
Adding an E-mail Address
Adding a Fax Number
Adding a Mobile Phone
Adding a Pager
Adding a PDA
Adding a Phone Number
Editing a Communications Device
Editing an E-mail Address
Editing a Fax Number
Editing a Mobile Phone
Editing a Pager
Editing a PDA
Edit Phone Number
Deleting a Communications Device
Managing Personal Contact Rules
Selecting a Contact Rule from a Web-Based User Interface
Selecting a Contact Rule from a Device
Selecting a Contact Rule from a Device
Selecting a Contact Rule from an SMS- or E-mail-Based Device
Selecting a Contact Rule Using a Voice Application

7 Oracle Ultra Search

Oracle Ultra Search Features

8 Oracle Calendar

Oracle Calendar Features
Oracle Calendar Client Components

9 Oracle Files

Oracle Files Concepts and Features
Three Levels of Administration
Workspace Access Levels
Workspace Quota
File Management
Review Process
Oracle FileSync